Xcluded, America’s new choice for the freedom of entertainment.

Xcluded, is a video-driven infotainment platform that features bold influencers who are not afraid to speak their mind. LIVE Talk Shows, produced videos, and good old fashion American Freedom is the backbone of Xcluded’s content. If you enjoy the first and second amendment then you won’t be able to get enough of Xcluded.

America’s Heartland will be able to tune into freedom on all their favorite devices. Watch or listen to influencers from the comfort of your own home or on the go with the Xcluded app. Current events, product updates, and live chat forums allow Xcluded fans to stay connected to the pulse of the nation at all times. Download the app now and never be excluded again!

Initial concept:
XCluded is a video-driven infotainment platform.

The initial goal is to sign and acquire content creators/influencers with a large fan base, who have been censored, demonetized and potentially banned by YouTube.

From the onset, Xcluded’s focus will be to capitalize on the influencers following and aggregate the niche market of firearms/survival/automotive worlds into one location.
Pre-recorded, unscripted, vlog style content will be platforms backbone. Accompanied by daily live streaming shows, written commentary, community forums.
The platform will be supported by a combination of subscriptions for premium content, sponsors/advertisers, affiliate marketing and merchandise sales.

XCLUDED can be the “Conservative” version of BUZZFEED.