Hillary Clinton: Bill should “absolutely not” have stepped down over Lewinsky scandal (Video)

In an interview with “CBS Sunday Morning,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defended the actions of herself and her husband during the scandal over the former president’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. Asked if he should have resigned, the 2016 presidential candidate replied, “Absolutely not.”

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  • Rose Weleski 2 months ago

    She spits out that Trump had numerous affairs with women, but NOT WHILE HE IS IN OFFICE!! The past was the past…..we are talking about a President having an affair right under the noses of the American people…in an office the tax payers are paying for…..not something done before Clinton took office. There is a great difference.

  • Samie 2 months ago

    I know she is a pathological liar but listening to her lately makes me feel like she is a Sociopath. She sat there said she accepts responsibility (which she doesn’t) and turns it on the President. First : Bill Clinton and a 19 year old in the Oval Office while he was President (

    proven with his semen ) a rape while he was in office in Arkansas, and The accusation of Paula Jones plus more while he held a political office. Any accusations on Donald Trump were as a civilian and no charges on any of them. She has no morals and definitely no social conscience . Hillary Clinton makes me sick 🤮


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