UNHINGED: Nancy Pelosi Endorses “Collateral Damage” Against Americans Who Don’t Share Her Views (Video)

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi endorsed “collateral damage” against Americans who don’t share her views while discussing the Democrats’ agenda during a conversation with Paul Krugman at the 92nd Street Y in New York City on Sunday, 10/14/18.

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  • Carol 2 months ago

    If you tied her hands down she wouldn’t be able to speak.

  • Betty Echols 2 months ago

    How do these adults, serving in our government, say such things? Completely treasonous…

  • Billy whitson 2 months ago

    You talking a blooming idiot .. This woman should be in an asylum to protect us from people like her. She is not fit to walk the streets. I can.t imagine anyone voting for her on any level .


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